Hey guys who want to join this group first of all i don't have a name for it yet, but i think we will come up with a name for it, anyways just send me a friend request and we can come up with one. I am a female, but i dont want to say my age because i done think that is allowed but i am in middle school and i wont say where because i dont want anyone try and come chase after me hahahahaah anywayyyysssss whoever want to be a group or a squad please send me a friend request. Oh and if any of you have facebook, you can send me a friend request too i go by the name Adriana Baez with a picture of ihascupquake on it. If you dont know who that is.. search her up. and then you will find my profile. but sticking back to the group i need name suggestions so as soon as you see this take action or tell me any good group names. Thank you for your time and thanks for reading the whole message

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