Escape From Terror Tower

Terrortower productshot

19 floors of terror! Click your mouse to jump from platform to platform avoiding the deadly spikes blocking your escape. Hit each lever to unlock the door to proceed to the next level. It's your only way out of here ALIVE.

Monster Blood


This has got to be some kind of bad dream! Stay out of the ravenous monster blood’s reach for as long as you can. You can’t afford to let this endless graveyard trip you up — but don’t turn yourself into a kid-kebab on the spiked fence, either!

INSTRUCTIONS: Use the ← and → arrow keys (or tap left and right on mobile) to move around. Dodge the tombstones to speed up, or use them to slow down. Don’t touch the monster blood OR the spiked fence!

High Scores

# Player Score
1 mummymummy179 52
2 adventurebulldog496 38
3 dragonsapphire416 20
4 vampiredelighted11 8
# Player Score
1 dragonflyamber78 171
2 cheeseburgerdog231 149
3 flyzombie13 148
4 Racoonclever6 126
5 jawspider13 126
6 fightingwolf2880 126
7 pinktornado75 124
8 tornadowrestling22 121
9 eaglecreamy7 115
10 magicbulldog103 115
# Player Score
1 dragonflyamber78 171
2 ravensoul77 163
3 prismyellow12 161
4 volcanotoenails1 156
5 cheeseburgerdog231 149
6 flyzombie13 148
7 dragonbulldog896 144
8 zombiecreek12 141
9 goblincobra83 131
10 Racoonclever6 126

Ghost Hotel


As the newest member of your school's photography club, your first assignment is to shoot the old haunted hotel in your town. There are said to be 9 different ghouls that roam its halls. Can you beat the club president's record 7 and prove your moxie?

INSTRUCTIONS: Use your mouse to aim your camera, and click to take the shot! Remember to try and get one photo of each type of ghoul.

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