Amy looked at her hands they were changing to clear smoke! How could it be happening! -2 weeks earlier "mom ill be back by 6:45 pm " "ok Amy " she headed out the door in her hooded marvels hoody listening to new songs she handed news papers while she was walking and then walked into a bakery its sign said "Italian pastrys" "Carlos could I get 2 American muffins with coco in them with a tropical smoothie the muffins are for Kaitlin and Marco " "sure amalay oh and Marley will be coming to!" Carlos and Marley Mathews katari both Italian and brother and sister Amy had knew them sense birth they were born when she was 2 they were 15 she was 17 but more like a chill 12 year old cat eating icecream her nickname was Nicky because her middle names nickarla so people sometimes called her. Nicky or Nicholas most people liked her when she was nice a lot of people like her when she's mean and rude she was Hispanic and part black foot she knew a lot of people her best friend was from Africa his name was silver he liked to dance and sing at the fountains but when they danced together it was as great as a little girl seeing a unicorn but then Amy noticed her hand was starting to clear and thin like disappearing then POOF her hand was gone ~end of chapter~
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