In Dark Falls, you've gotta "Look Alive" or you'll be "Welcome To Dead House".

Seriously though, why don't Josh and Amanda go to the government about the town afterwords? It's not like it'd be a big deal, "Hey Mr. President, we're pretty sure this town in Oregon is haunted. Walking zombies and stuff like that." Problem solved. The parents also show a horrifyingly low amount of concern for their children after the events that unfold. "Josh and Amanda, I know it seems like we're a little unconcerned about your lives, but just trust us, we're internally scarred from everything." This would all make a very awkward talk at the Thanksgiving table. Also, consumerism is what killed everyone in Dark Falls, and it's why zombies exist in real life. I'm not joking, they've been spotted in Haiti. R.L. Stine knows a little too well about that supernatural stuff. Either that, or he could just be an acclaimed author of a horror story series for kids. Nope, he's definitely a ghostbuster.

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