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 Micheal webster, a twelve-year-old boy, is telling about his difficulties with his mean little sister, Tara, who, often lies or makes up stories to get micheal in trouble. but it gut too much for micheal, once she ruins his birthday party, and spills his secret to his crush! so when his father gets a new cuckoo clock, he plans to break it, and frame his sister, but it backfires and he ends up traveling backwards in time! that's the basic synopsis, but how about the review? well, i think it keeps you guessing, you'll want to keep reading,and that is an amazing way to get little kids into reading chapter books, that's exactly what it did to me, and that's the charm of goosebumps! its great to start kids reading and they still hold up to older readers! so i give this book a....  9.3/10!

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