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Anything can turn spooky in this series based on the best-selling books from Scholastic by the master of kid horror R.L. Stine. In every episode, see what happens when regular kids find themselves in scary situations, and how they work to confront and overcome their fears. Think you're brave enough to watch? Find out!

Goosebumps: The Haunted Mask II, Part 1 & Part 2

Carly Beth Caldwell learned her lesson from the hideous mask she used to scare Steve Boswell last Halloween. Too bad Steve didn't learn this! This year he's determined to have the scariest costume on the block. He goes to the same spooky store where Carly Beth got her mask and finds one that looks like an evil old man with stringy, white hair and a wrinkled face. Steve may have the scariest mask in town, but suddenly he's feeling kind of old, very tired, and sort of evil . . .

Goosebumps: Night of the Living Dummy III, Part 1 & Part 2

Trina O'Dell's dad used to have a ventriloquist act. Now he stores all his old dummies in the attic. He calls it his Dummy Museum. Trina and her brother Dan think dad's dummies are pretty cool. Until one day they notice one of the dummy's hands is warm, humanly warm! Then they hear eerie voices coming from the attic. Could the dummies be leading lives of their own?

Goosebumps: Welcome to the Dead House, Part 1 & Part 2

Josh and Amanda Benson don't want to live in Dark Falls. The old house their parents just bought is pretty spooky—maybe even haunted -and the townspeople are pretty strange, too. Their parents think they just need to get used to their new neighborhood. But there will be plenty of time for Amanda and Josh to make new friends—because these neighbors want the Bensons to live in Dark Falls . . . forever.

Goosebumps: My Best Friend is Invisible

Sam Jacobs would've been happy to do his term paper about photosynthesis, but his fearless friend, Roxanne Johnson, insisted on doing it on the ghosts at Hedge House, the spookiest, most terrifying house in town. His experience at Hedge House is ghoulish enough. But when Sam leaves the haunted old house to head back home, he suddenly realizes he's not alone.

Goosebumps: The Blob that Ate Everyone

12-year-old Zack Beauchamp's dream is to be a famous horror writer - even though he hasn't quite gotten over his fear of the dark. He's just written his scariest story ever about a giant pink, oozing, wet blob that terrorizes the neighborhood, swallowing up everything in sight. But when Zack starts typing his spooky story on the old typewriter he found, every hair-raising word begins to come true!

Goosebumps: Don't Wake the Mummy

When Jeff Carter's dad sends a creepy 4,000-year-old mummy home from one of his archeological digs, Jeff is horrified. But when Jeff sees the mummy - with its hideous shrunken face covered with rotting bandages - rise from its sarcophagus in the basement, no one will believe him, especially not his obnoxious sister, Kim, who thinks he's the biggest wimp that ever lived!

Goosebumps: Say Cheese and Die Again

Mr. Saur, or "Sourball Saur", as he's known to the students at Pitt's Landing School is a real grouch! He just gave Greg a big fat "F" on his report. He didn't believe Greg's terrifying story about the evil camera he found last summer and all the terrible things that happened because of it. Mr. Saur said the assignment was to write a true story. But Greg's story was true, every frightening word of it. And now that the camera's back, the nightmare continues . . .

Goosebumps: A Shocker on Shock Street

Erin Wright and her best friend, Marty, love the "Shocker on Shock Street" horror movies and all the gruesome, life-like movie monsters that Erin's dad creates for the Shocker Movie Studios. But when Erin's dad invites Erin and Marty to be the first kids to ride the new Shocker Studio's Tour Ride, the terrifying movie creatures become more life-like than ever…and real life suddenly seems a lot scarier than the big screen. . . .

Goosebumps: One Day at HorrorLand, Part 1 & Part 2

When the Morris family gets lost on their way to Zoo Gardens Theme Park, they stumble upon another amusement park instead—HorrorLand. At HorrorLand, there are no crowds, no lines, and free admission! It seems like a pretty cool place. But that was before the terrifying tour of the House of Mirrors and the heart-stopping Coffin Cruise . . . before the Morris family discovered that one day at HorrorLand is no walk in the amusement park!

Goosebumps: Perfect School, Part 1 & Part 2

So maybe Brian O'Connor does like to play practical jokes on his little brother, Riley. And maybe he doesn't clean his room or make his bed often enough to please his parents, but that's no reason to send him away to boarding school, is it? Brian's parents just won't settle for anything less than perfect, so they send him away to "The Perfect School." The grounds are pristine, the hallways are spotless, and the students that graduate really are perfect. Maybe a little too perfect!

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