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Anything can turn spooky in this series based on the best-selling books from Scholastic by the master of kid horror R.L. Stine. In every episode, see what happens when regular kids find themselves in scary situations, and how they work to confront and overcome their fears. Think you're brave enough to watch? Find out!

Goosebumps: An Old Story

When their parents go away on vacation, Aunt Dahlia arrives to baby-sit for her nephews, 12- year-old Tom and his 10-year-old brother, Jon. Their aunt is kind of weird, but her "prize prune cookies" are delicious. That is, until the brothers realize that each one of Aunt Dahlia's culinary treats is just as strange as she is. . . .

Goosebumps: Don't Go To Sleep

Matt Amsterdam is sick of being the youngest in his family. His 15-year-old sister, Pam, gets to have her own phone, his 17-year-old brother, Greg, gets to stay out late, and 12-year-old Matt gets to do nothing! That is until the night he falls asleep in the attic. When he wakes up, he finds that things are not quite the same, and suddenly begins to long for the good old days.

Goosebumps: The House of No Return

Chris Wakely is the new kid in town and the perfect candidate for The Danger Club, a club for brave people. But to become a member, Chris has to spend an entire hour alone in the Willow Hill House, the spookiest, most haunted house in the neighborhood! Chris won't be totally alone, however; the evil ghosts will keep him company. In fact, they like Chris so much, they may want him to stay with them . . . forever!

Goosebumps: Click

Seth Gold's favorite hobby is channel-surfing. He loves to sit for hours on the couch with the remote control and just click, click, click. But when Seth receives the sleek, futuristic-looking remote control he ordered, he soon finds that clicking isn't so much fun anymore. When Seth points the remote at his annoying little sister and hits the pause button, she becomes frozen solid. Suddenly, Seth realizes that this remote controls more than just the TV.

Goosebumps: Werewolf Skin, Part 1 & Part 2

While his parents are away, 12-year-old Alex Blackwell is staying with his aunt and uncle in Wolf Creek. His aunt and uncle are nature photographers, and while they're out at night shooting wildlife, Alex is home alone in their big, creepy old house right next door to the Marlings, their spooky neighbors. But when Alex hears scratching at the door and sees eerie footprints and strange shadows in the yard, he starts to realize that Wolf Creek is beginning to live up to its name.

Goosebumps: The Barking Ghost

Cooper Holmes is scared of just about everything. His father says he's the only kid to scare himself on Halloween! But this time Cooper is not just scared of his own shadow. Scary things really are starting to happen - like those eerie scratching noises and strange, raspy breathing sounds coming from under his bed, the bone-chilling barking late at night, and those two evil-looking dogs he ran into - the ones that vanished into thin air.

Goosebumps: Strained Peas

Nicholas Morgan really wants to be a good brother to his new baby sister, Grace, but ever since his mom brought her home from the hospital, the little "bundle of joy" has been a real nightmare! She screams like a banshee, she's a baby spit factory, and now, she wants to be the only kid in the family. Grace may have everyone else fooled with her innocent baby act, but Nicholas knows a little monster when he sees one.

Goosebumps: The Haunted House Game

When Nadine Platt and her friend, Jonathan Hall, find a box for "The Haunted House Game" in the closet of a creepy old house, they soon realize that it's not just another board game. Nadine and Jonathan open the box and suddenly find themselves inside the game, surrounded by hideous-looking ghouls, terrifying ghosts, and eerie voices. But will they ever find their way out.

Goosebumps: Teacher's Pet

Becca Thompson is psyched when her class goes on an overnight nature retreat with their science teacher — anything is better than sitting in a classroom! But Becca starts longing for her desk when she discovers just how wild wildlife camp really is. The place is crawling with snakes — tons of them! Will Becca survive this truly wild wildlife camp or will she become . . . a sssnake sssnack!?

Goosebumps: Bride of the Living Dummy

Slappy's back! When 12-year-old Jillian Zinman and her little sister Katie go to see a ventriloquist's show, Jillian thinks she sees the ventriloquist and his dummy, Slappy, arguing backstage. Then when Slappy is mysteriously delivered to their house, Jillian and Katie's lives are suddenly turned upside down. Mom's wedding ring is missing, strange words appear in lipstick on the mirror, and where is the dog? Jillian is no dummy. She knows that evil Slappy is causing all this trouble . . . or is he?

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